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I’m sure that you’re going to love Quizzmate and all that it has to offer. And while I know you’re anxious to get targeted leads coming in with your first quiz...

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Business owners have their own business to run, whatever that business is. Something technical, something they don’t understand... they’ll hire out.

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You can approach these businesses quite easily, in fact, you should already be realizing how… With a quiz!

When you upgrade to Quizzmate Agency, we include pre-made quizzes to help you generate targeted leads for your Agency services. It’s the perfect way to drive home the powerful potential of online quizzes to your potential clients.

You can reel them by posting these quizzes on your social media accounts, as well as on your pre-made 100% Done-For-You Agency sales website!

One irritating thing about many other lead generation apps is that it seems you’re never getting everything you need in order to succeed.

But that’s not the case here. Quizzmate works fine on its own. No gotchas, no bait ‘n switch, nothing to worry about.

However... since we both know that you want to generate the most targeted leads and sales possible... then it just makes sense to go Pro, right?

Especially when the investment is so low.

As a way of saying thanks for putting your trust in Quizzmate, I’d like to offer you access to this upgrade for a very modest fee.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering...

Huge Profit Potential From Producing

Powerful Lead Generation Quizzes

For Your Clients In Just Minutes!

Each business client gives you up to five ways to profit
from your
Quizzmate Agency account:

Quiz Creation

(charge a one-time fee)

This can be just a short consultation with your client to find out who their perfect target buyer is. When you have that knowledge, you can work your way backward, creating a simple quiz in minutes that weeds out the non-buyers.

Email Campaign Creation

(charge a one-time fee)

This is as simple as writing a few emails offering a coupon or whatever promotion the client wants to run. They’ll basically tell you everything that needs to be in the emails. (Pro tip: You can reuse emails from one client to another, just change the promotion!)

Posting Their Quiz On Their Website

(charge a one-time fee)

This should be part of your service. They don’t want to be bothered with this, so you’ll take care of it for them. Remember, here’s the work involved: Copying and pasting one line of code.

Posting Their Quiz On Their Social Media

(charge a one-time fee)

Again, this is simple and quick for you to fulfill. It’s just sharing the quiz code on their social media accounts!

Ongoing Campaign Management

(charge a one-time fee)

Once they see results from the first campaign, they’ll want you to keep going. Prepare a package price for them to have a new quiz campaign done each month, or even more frequently, whatever they want. It’s just a few minutes of work for you each time, with a high profit margin!

Even If You Don’t Go After Specific Clients, You Can Always Offer
Your Services On
Online Freelancing Marketplaces

Like Fiverr & Upwork For Easy Gig Cash!

(Pic of some high-priced Fiverr or Upwork voiceover gigs for
online quiz creation or lead generation with “This Could Be You!”)

Taking advantage of this opportunity gives you the fuel you need to power
a four, five, even six figure income stream.

Yes! This Offer Is Backed By My

100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

As with Quizzmate, this upgrade also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any issues within 30 days from your purchase and I can’t personally resolve those issues for you... I’ll make sure to give you a full refund.

This way you have nothing to lose.

This Offer Is Time Sensitive.

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Unfortunately, I won’t be offering the Agency license to Quizzmate at this price for very long.

And can you blame me? With an opportunity of this level, I should be charging
10X the amount I’m charging today. And even then it would be worth it. Especially since this could net you a full time income with minimal work.

But as a way of saying thanks for investing in Quizzmate, I wanted to give you first rights to an Agency license at a nominal fee.
All you have to do is reach out and take it.

So if you’re on the fence about this offer, I’d
HIGHLY advise you to get access while you still can.

You most likely won’t find a better Agency offer for the price and definitely not for the quality of the software.

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